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Social Intranet BISoN

Companies with different structures should have a good internal communication no matter the location and BISoN Intranet is the perfect tool for that. No matter where your companies are you can all be united in one place and that is with the Business Intranet & Social Network BISoN. 

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Cloud technologys are growing rapidly and having a SaaS (software as a service) model gives your company many benefits. Experience of applying the software platform BISoN is interesting for implementation as it has demonstrated:

  • the high efficiency in establishing communications,

  • the suitability for the use in the companies of different scales, due to the presence of various packages taking into account the differences of such companies (BISoN has 3 pay package plans),

  • convenience for training purposes in the process of in the preparation of employees as it provides the ability to use the limited free package,

  • Provides a simple and an effective tool for planning of working time by means of a calendar over mobile telephone and installing application directly on smart phones  for the remote participation in the workflow,

  • an opportunity to exchange information in a timely manner and communicate by means of the tool that is similar to the social networks. The feed streams activities and in real-time updates, smart forwarding, notification options and companywide announcements. 

Such innovation has a considerable impact on the setting of positive relations between the employees of all departments as well as the management board. It is also possible to comment and like on different modules posts.

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BISoN has a variety of different modules to use on your personalized social intranet for the best internal communication experience.

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Depending on how many employees your company has, you can choose a plan that is perfect for your organization.