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On BISoN Intranet you can share documents that are intended for all your employees or just for a specific community. If you want to add a new document to your documents module you only have to fill out a form. You have to mark what type of document it is; working instruction or a form for example. Then you have to pick for which process this document is; for example, accounting&financing, human resources, informatics, or investing. And lastly which communities will be able to see the document. 

These documents can be viewed, downloaded, deleted, or edited if you make a mistake. All changes to documents can be posted to the Feed, so the employees linked to the same community as the documents can see which new documents were uploaded, which were changed and which were deleted. In the documents list, you can also see the person responsible for a document, so you always know who to contact for clarifications or changes. The handy search function makes it easy and quick to find the document you are looking for.