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Corporate education has become a very important part of every modern organization. Keeping track of all the different workshops, educations, conferences has become quite a task. Different departments need different workshops so this module enables you to monitor different workshops for employees.

When you add a new workshop you have to select a date and how many hours of education. Where will it take place and by who, what is the subject of the education, who can participate, and what is the purpose of the workshop. If education is far away and you need a car and/or accommodation, you have the option to fill what are your costs, such as car booking and accommodation. if the workshop has a registration fee you can write it in this form. You also have an option to create directly a travel order for that date.  

Every workshop can be for a different department, you can see when the workshop started and when it finished. Status represents if a workshop was confirmed, unconfirmed, rejected, or canceled. You can also create a report for the workshop.