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Remote work and Covid-19
Remote work as a reprecussion of Covid-19 crisis

Covid-19 has affects millions of people and businesses around the globe in one on another way and it continues so businesses need do adapt to a new way of working.  Work from home increased sharply and persistently after the outbreak, and much more so among some workers than others.

At Acme the safety and well-being of our team members is critical. Part of our team is now working from home. Shifting to a remote workforce takes practice, learning to navigate the remote environment can take a little getting used to. Remote opportunities offer both employees and organizations a lot of advantages but finding ways to communicate, build connections, and maintain a culture with your remote workforce can be a challenge. 

Covid-19 has accelerated the increasement of working from home so a lot of companies have to learn to work in a new way. Flexible schedules, being away from the office, and all of the other changes in the remote environment mean adjustment to a new way. 

A few ways companies can mantain and improve employees remote work and still communicate for a job well done are video conferences. Staying connected face to face can be done with video calls. This tool gives employees the opportunity to meet together for a conference or any other kind of business meeting. Video calls make remote communication an interactive experience as if employees were all present but still allowing them to work from wherever they need. 

You can find a lot of diferent messaging aplications on the internet to use for instant messaging between coworkers. When you work remotely its important to work effectively and collaborate to be on the same page because it can be difficult to know what exactly everyone is responsible for and who carries specific assignments. Messaging can happen one-on-one, or in a group, and allows users to communicate via text and to send documents, images, or other important information.  

Nobody could have anticipated the COVID-19 crisis and all the repercussions that came with it but our goal is to make sure you are able to keep your organizations and employees in contact and safe throughout this crisis.

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