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Improved internal communications by using Intranet

Internal communications used to mean sending out emails and hoping that people across the organization would eventually read them. Important company news and updates would get lost in spam folders, forgotten, or completely ignored. Thankfully, internal communications has evolved with the times, and connecting the workplace has become more intuitive than ever.

The Intranet is an essential system for internal communication for all business organization. But, with the help of cloud, the scope of intranet can be increased. The intranet can give strength to the management for effective communication. Intranet gives power to control and watch the operating activities of business with the help of internet. The cloud helps as a bridge between organization and its internal communication system.

Adventages of available communication technology, especially the Intranet such as BISoN Intarnet, should be taken for it's purpose as much as possible. So having different practices that companies can use to help increase employee engagement, culture alignment, and open communication are important.

Using a tool that facilitates the efficient, free flow of information

Using Intranet your primary goal is to minimize confusion by centralizing your content and integrating your internal communications mediums within a single source. Using BISoN Intranet you will be able to set up targeted messaging parameters to ensure that the information you’re communicating is sent to the right communities. BISoN is a platform with notification alerts to keep eyes on what’s going on at your workplace and employees won't miss out on updates, a platforms with comments, chat, shares, and ‘likes’ offer a social media appeal to internal communications 

Good internal communications strategy

As with any new internal communications platform, it may take some time until all employees are up to speed. But also taking into account your communications strategy is important for the best features of the platform, types of content you want to publish, your publication schedule and your current and desired participation rate.

Acknowledging your employees  

Having the option to like, comment or favorite a post your employees shere is a great way to publicly acknowledge your employees and get them active on your platform. This will open up lines of communication, which in the long run does wonders for your company culture.

A channel for feedback, debate, and discussion

Open communication is a must-have in most workplaces, especially if the goal is to connect and align your employees. To promote open communication at your company, your communications strategy needs to create room for feedback, pushback, and public debate.

BISoN Intaren has modules as Ideas and suggestions, Survays and allowes you to comment any post so employees can give feedback and debate about different topics. This way employees can shere their opinion which is one of the most important view of internal communications. 

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