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When companies grow, 

people become disconnected, 
we help your employees connect 
with your organization

A private social network

Give your employees a familiar environment where they can follow everything that is going on in your organization.

A better intranet

Establish a two-way communication with your employees with likes, comments, bookings and more.

For all employees

Finaly a single location to share information with all employees, even those on the factory floor.

We added the Social component to the intranet concept

Weather you run a small company, a multinational or an NGO, BISoN can easily be customized to different kind of organizations.

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BISoN offers a set of unique
features to help you communicate
better in your organization:


Exchange the right information with the right people at the right time


You can edit colours and backgrounds to highlight features


Bring down the language bariers in your organization with multilingual GUI and posts.

Mobile app

You can edit colors and backgrounds to highlight features.

Multi company

Having all business entities in one place


You can like and comment on almost anything. 

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