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Modern intranet and 2021 trends

A modern intranet is a dynamic, interesting platform that you use to stay connected to your company. It’s the communication tool at the heart of your workplace. It keeps everyone on the same page and because it’s easy to contribute to, it reflects on the people who use it.

A modern intranet creates connections at every level of the company. It’s a central communication tool that’s simple enough for everyone to use. It streamlines the way in which you interact and work. While it’s often managed by a couple of people within your company, everyone can participate. 

Generally, Intranet includes of internal web servers available to employees across the LAN or private dial up access in a business organization. Using the databases and other repositories of information and documents, these web servers bring assorted varieties of information to their employees and convey their messages in a precise time. The authorized employees use a frequent front end web browser to browse throughout the immense reservoir of information available within the organization.

In order for employees to benefit from their intranet experience, both content and usability need to be relevant, updated, and easy to use. Creating a successful intranet does take a little practice, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. And Acme intranet is a simple software that is relevant, useful and engaging. 

Having a mobile app for Acme enables easy and reliable intranet access to workers away from the office or on the go ensures employees never go without important information and simplifies digital communication.

A successful intranet experience should be an easy and productive encounter for all employees no matter their job title or comfort level with technology. With proper training and instructions, every employee will be able to utilize it effectively.

Having the right modules for employees to use is key, and Acme has a variety of different modules you can choose from to use on your personalized intranet to fulfill your needs. 

Today’s intranet is a well-oiled machine with intuitive features, time-saving elements and an increased capacity for collaborative efforts. Here are some trend predictions in intranet features over this year:

Mobile Integration

The focus this year will be on optimising intranet access and intranet features on mobile devices. This is naturally the next step for intranet technology. Intranets need to be user-friendly no matter the device, situation or location.

Social Collaboration

Social intranet tools like blogging, sharing, chat, team workspaces and video conferencing are included in workforce intranets to encourage engagement between teams and between individual team members. Social tools will continue to play an important role in an intranet platform this year.

Personalised Experience

With intranets we are seeing that personalized employee feeds become more popular. Personalised intranet experiences will motivate employees to come back and to use the intranet actively.

Integrating system 

Intranets are still often the start of the internal journey for users, and they can be used to access other systems that make it possible to get the job done. This is just one way companies can become more organised this year.


Intranets rely on functionality, practicality and usability to engage a workforce. However, there’s another key element to this mix that has been overlooked in the past few years, and that is good design.

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